Wireless Smart Building Technology
Reducing Operations Costs
Business Running Costs, Emissions & Wastage
Customised to your
Embedded Wind River Intelligence & Intel Inside
Empowering Building
Capture • Connect • Inform.

Ersúles is changing the landscape of smart building technology one tiny sensor at a time to deliver an unparalleled level of building performance, comfort and optimisation.

Through the creation of powerful wireless networks, Ersúles continually captures and analyses data from multiple embedded or third party devices within a physical environment. The richness of the real time intelligence Ersúles offers, enables smarter and faster commercial decision making, resulting in significant efficiency, sustainability and value creation gains.

How does our technology work?

Ersúles is a wireless, scalable building intelligence solution that is powered by up to 50 sensor control modules communicating with an intelligent gateway which provides real-time building intelligence through a user-friendly, customisable dashboard. Learn more about our technology architecture here..

Ersúles Advantage

Ersúles is a wireless, scalable building intelligence solution that will seamlessly capture data on all key environmental factors within your building environment.

Our Technology

The right information at the right time is everything. Discover the enabling technology and breakthrough software applications that lie behind Ersules.

Wind River HDC

Ersúles Intelligent Gateway leverages the power of Wind River® Helix™ Device Cloud to collect and manage data from your devices.


Ersúles can provide a number of unique advantages for you. Discover how Ersúles can revolutionise your environment today. Just choose your sector!

‘Ersúles delivers an unsurpassed level of building intelligence to clients by providing a truly wireless, scalable and connected solution which capitalises on significant advances in cloud, gateway and IoT technology.’

Gerard F. Hamilton – CEO of Ersúles


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