Ersúles Advantages

Transforming Smart Building Data into Business Advantage

Ersúles is a wireless, scalable building intelligence solution that will seamlessly capture data on all key environmental factors within your building environment , enabling smarter and real-time decision making around resource management. Leveraging WindRiver HDC and Intel technology, Ersúles will improve operational efficiencies and deliver cost savings across single to multiple building locations.

‘There really is nothing else like it on the market’

Technical Advantages

Seamless Connectivity

Ersúles will seamlessly collect, transmit and transform machine and sensor data to cloud-based applications, delivering insights to boost the efficiency and agility of our business and operations. Our pre-integrated middleware minimises configuration and support costs and will automate systems and device management.

24/7 Remote Management

Remotely configure, monitor and update all connected machines and devices within your building environment with our cloud based solution to reduce the complexities of managing your intelligent devices.

Customised to your environment

Ersúles comes with embedded Wind River Intelligence Device Platform XT, providing a customisable software development environment to support a wide variety of lagacy hardware and operating system environments.

Scalable and Easy to Deploy

With Ersules, the cost, time and disruption experienced during the deployment of traditional wired smart building technologies is avoid. Our wireless, cloud based platform is a scalable building intelligence solution capable of capturing and aggregating sensor data from all edge devices across multiple locations.

Robust Security

Ersúles provides a customisable security solution covering all levels including network, application, user and data security. Utilising embedded Intel Windriver technology and McAfee Embedded Control, SSL encription conceals data from unauthorised parties ensuring a secure, uncompromised end-to-end solution

Transforming data into real business intelligence

Ersúles captures rich environmental data within your building environment including temperature, lighting, humidity, CO2, Occupancy and more. Two way communications with our intelligent gateway can trigger immediate actions in response to pre-configured protocols while the data captured across your overall building environment can be aggregated to ensure smarter and faster commercial decision, delivering operational efficiencies and cost savings for your business.


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Technology Benefits

Smart building or traditional building management systems typically promise cost savings arising from energy monitoring and management. Ersúles provides technology which goes beyond this basic, yet important, deliverable for customers:

Enviromental Monitoring: enabling the capture of data across a wide range of environmental areas including Temperature, Lighting, Humidity, CO2, Occupancy and more

Machine-to-Machine Communications: Our powerful mesh network provides two way communications, triggering specific actions in response to the data captured

Real-time Decision Making: Data is captured 24/7 enabling smarter and faster commercial decision making

KPI Reporting: Customised reporting will track building performance over time, demonstrate ROI for single or multiple customer sites


Click here to find out about the technology behind our systems

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