Industrial & Commercial

Today’s commercial buildings must satisfy a wide range of criteria.

Ersúles works with commercial and industrial properties to maximise efficiency and lower operating costs over its entire life cycle.
The Ersúles team are happy to work with you to modernise your current operation, making the transformation into a SMART building, with minimal disruption to your daily operations.

Ersúles provides a number of advantages including:

Ease of Deployment

The cost, time and disruption experienced during the transfer to a SMART building is avoided.

Dynamic Adjustments

Our innovative technology incorporates machine learning that lends to autonomous facility dynamic adjustments.

Performance Indicators

Ersúles allows you to generate accurate key performance indicators, reducing operations costs, building running costs, emissions and wastage.


After initial installation, you can seamlessly add up to fifty sensor control modules as part of your building control network


Our intelligent gateway is easy to configure for each building network while our browser based dashboard allows for customised reports, unique to each building environment

24/7 Access

Our fully customisable browser based dashboard interface illustrates real-time and historical building performance data, improving building efficiency, comfort and safety.

Customer ROI

The rich data and reporting capability of Ersúles enables organisations to achieve a tangible return on investments for their deployed facility and will provide confidence.


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