Lighting Manufacturers

An intelligent building uses integrated technology to control a number of different functions to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Ersúles is happy to work with lighting manufactures to ensure our technology is used to its fullest capacity within your innovative lighting products to create SMARTER buildings.

The Ersúles team are ready to support your technical enquiries in the planning, deployment or configuration of our technology to streamline and maximise benefits for the end customer.

Ersúles provides a number of advantages including:

Real Time Fault Communications

Ersúles allows for remote notifications of signal problems, patterns, deviations and fault inefficiencies in real-time reducing downtime and the need for an in-house operator.

ROI for Manufactures and End Users

Our unique technology brings a differentiated offering to your current and potential customers that reduces the sales cycle while offering value-add, next generation technology.

Monitoring Luminaire Performance

Ersúles is the only Gateway technology that enables lighting OEM’s to monitor the performance of their luminaires remotely, increasing building efficiency while also legitimising warranty claims.

Expanding OEM Capabilities

Ersúles is an innovative technology that enables OEM’s tender for a wider scope of projects that will foster a partnership style relationship among clients with the ongoing provision of BIG DATA.


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