Technology Architecture

The Right Information at the Right Time is Everything.

Dashboard / Storage Analytics / Applications

Accessible anywhere, anytime the 100% customisable Ersúles browser based dashboard provides decision makers with real time and historical reporting data required to drive optimal building efficiency, comfort and safety. Remote notifications signal problems, patterns, deviations, faults and efficiencies as they occur and provide user-friendly dashboard summaries of trends and performance over-time

Device Cloud

Ersúles is easily configured via our Wind River Helix device cloud application. This puts you in control of your building environment from any remote location where you can control what data is captured, get real-time intelligence and make immediate changes to optimise building performance. Our M2M technology also facilitates automated decision making locally in your facility based on pre-configured rules designed to maximise cost efficiencies.

IoT Gateway

Via edge analytics, each secure gateway seamlessly captures and aggregates data from multiple embedded and/or third party devices within a facility and associated environment before wirelessly transferring it via Wi-Fi to the cloud for analysis. The intelligence of the gateway technology also enables Ersúles to act as an actuator to trigger specific actions based on changes in the physical environment. The Ersúles gateway is powered by Intel Atom E3826 processor, Intel Security and WindRiver.

Mesh Network

Ersúles is powered by tiny sensor control modules, each of which is positioned in or close to individual luminaires within the physical environment. Sensors transform standard building luminaires into smart luminaires, capable of silently collecting data on occupancy, ambient lighting, CO2, humidity, temperature, energy consumption and more. Each Ersúles gateway is capable of wirelessly receives data from up to fifty sensor control modules forming a powerful mesh network of connected devices


Leverage the power of Wind River® Helix™ Device Cloud to collect and manage data

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